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Breath Alcohol Testing

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Breath alcohol testing (BAT) is a simple method of determining whether an employee is under the influence while they are on the job.  Ways to perform BAT on employees:  

Random Testing – a proven method of deterring alcohol use at work, random testing allows the employer to test the employee at any time.

Reasonable Suspicion – whether you smell alcohol on your employee’s breath, or their behavior indicates they may be under the influence, it’s probably a good time to perform a test.

Post-Accident – anytime there is motor-vehicle accident (MVA), it is a great idea to rule-out the possibility of drug or alcohol use.

Testing for alcohol usage is mandatory by U.S. Congress for safety-sensitive employees and a strongly recommended practice for all businesses to increase public and work safety. 

Per DOT regulations, alcohol consumption can be detected in any form including:

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Alcohol Containing Products

  • Prescription Medication

  • Over the Counter Medicine

The DOT requires alcohol testing related to :

  • Return to Duty (Before & After Returning to Work- Post Alcohol Violation)

  • Post-Accident (Accident defined by the DOT)

  • Reasonable Suspicion of Alcohol Use

  • Random- FAA, FMCSA, FTA & FRA

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