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Drug Testing Services

Urine Testing

Reagent Strip for Urinalysis, Routine Urinalysis, check-up analysis in laboratory._edited.

DOT and Non-DOT

Breath Alcohol Testing

Breathalyzer Test

In Clinic and After Hours

Hair Follicle Testing

Forensic Science in Lab. The Forensic science. Check the DNA from the hair in the lab. Sci

Hair Screening

Oral (Saliva) Testing

Drive-through Testing

Oral Swab

Tuberculosis (TB)

Image by CDC

TB Skin Test

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) Testing


Gender Reveal

Influenza Vaccine

Flu Shot

Flu Vaccine

Laboratory Collection


Wellness labs

DOT Physical

Doctor's Visit_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Quality Care for CMV drivers

Rapid Drug Testing


5 Panel

Rapid Drug Testing


10 Panel

Wellness Services

Book your wellness services from the home page under Appointment Slot

Most Insurance(s) Accepted  

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Minor Illness

Allergies, Flu testing, Covid testing, Strep testing, Cough/Bronchitis, Oral/mouth pain, Cankers, Sinusitis, Congestion, Upper respiratory infections (URI), Nausea/Vomiting, Heartburn/indigestion, diarrhea, Gout, Pink eye/Stye, Ear infection, Urinary tract/bladder infection, Medication Refill, Preventative screening education, Travel Health, Titers, Wellness labs

Skin Screening

Skin Condition

Acne, Athlete's' foot, Chicken Pox, Hair loss, Impetigo, Lice, Poison Ivy, Rash, Dermatitis, irritation, Ringworm, Scabies, 

Young Fashion Models

Women/Men Services

Urinary/Bladder infections, Yeast infection, Birth Control, Contraception injection (Depo), Pregnancy testing, Sexual Transmitted disease testing/screening (STI)

Preferred Partners

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